Annual Exams

Throughout an annual exam, a doctor will check over various health points of your pet such as lymph nodes, eyes, teeth/gums, weight/diet, etc. We also recommend that your pet receive 3 vaccines: Rabies, Felocell (RCCP), Leukemia.

The Rabies vaccine:

    • Required by law
    • Protects against the rabies virus
    • Can be spread to humans
      • *Felocell (RCCP) Vaccine:
    • Primarily Respiratory Infections (4 various causes)Leukemia Vaccine:
    • Feline Leukemia
      • Causes Damage to Immune system

    Kitten Visits

    If you are welcoming a new kitten to the family congratulations and we are happy to assist you in getting your new family member all set up. The following plan is highly recommended to fully protect your kitten. A kitten’s immune system is not fully developed until 16 weeks of age; therefore, we recommend boosters of the Felocell and leukemia vaccine every 3 weeks starting at 8 weeks of age until they are 16 weeks old.

    The following schedule is recommended:

    • 6 weeks old
      • Wellness Exam
      • Leukemia Test
      • Kitten Kit
        • Free First dose of heartworm/flea prevention and dewormer
    • 8-9 weeks old
      • Wellness Exam
      • Felocell (RCCP) Vaccine
      • Leukemia Vaccine
    • 11-12 weeks old
      • Wellness Exam
      • Felocell (RCCP) Vaccine
      • Leukemia Vaccine
      • Rabies (*If 12 weeks old)
    • 15-16 weeks old
      • Wellness Exam
      • Rabies if not previously done
      • Felocell (RCCP) Vaccine
      • Leukemia Vaccine
      • Fecal
    • 6 months
      • Spay/neuter recommended
        • Declaw recommended to be performed at same time
      • Microchip
    • Annual Visit
      • Wellness Exam
      • Felocell (RCCP) Vaccine
      • Leukemia Vaccine
      • Rabies (*If 12 weeks old)
      • Fecal
        • Please bring a sample, less than 12 hours old, if possible

    What if I adopted an older pet and do not know vaccine history?

    We can start the vaccination series at any age if you welcome an older pet and do not know the vaccine history! Call us and feel free to ask questions or schedule an appointment and we will guide you in the right direction to ensure your fur-baby of any age is fully covered and cared for!



    Spaying or neutering your pet improves their overall health by reducing or eliminating the risk of various diseases and cancers. Pets who are spayed/neutered tend to wander less, reducing their chances at being hit by a car or becoming lost. Pets that are not spayed or neutered can be more animal-aggressive causing fight-related injuries and/or diseases spread through bite wounds


    If you plan to declaw your cat, we commonly perform this surgery when they are spayed/neutered. It may also be done independently. This procedure is easier on your kitty if done while they are young

    Other surgeries:

    • Wound repair
    • Foreign object removals
    • Amputations
    • Hernia repair
    • And more!