We care for the animals found by Caldwell Animal Control and aid in adopting unclaimed pets. Here you will find all the pets we have in the City’s kennels. Every pet brought in goes through a 3 day hold where we search for the owner prior to putting it up for adoption. By clicking on the pet’s picture below you will see the status of the pet and when they are available for adoption. If you want to adopt a pet, please fill out the Adoption Form

Adoption is $30 and gets you the following:

  • Veterinary Exam
  • Fecal Flotation to check for intestinal parasites
  • Strongid T deworming
  • Bath
  • Rabies Vaccination
    • If pet is 12 weeks or older
  • Free 1-month dose of Heartworm Preventative
    • All Puppies
    • Adult dogs with Heartworm testing
  • Free 1-month dose of flea control

We do accept adoption fee donations to help get the pets a loving home!