Adoption Agreement

CONGRATULATIONS on your NEW PET!! We wish you many years of happiness with your new, furry friend!

  • Please enter a number we can reach today!
  • This price includes: 1. Veterinary Exam 2. Fecal Flotation to check for intestinal parasites 3. Strongid-T Deworming 4. Bath 5. Rabies Vaccination 6. Free 1 month dose of Heartworm prevention and flea control* *Subject to a Heartworm test for adult dogs
  • If your pet is older than 12 weeks old, we will administer the rabies vaccine. If not, then once the pet is old enough, you may bring the pet back to receive the rabies vaccine.
  • We recommend fully vaccinating your new pet. These vaccines protect against contagious viruses. We also would recommend a Heartworm test for dogs older then 6 months and/or a leukemia test for all cats. The cost associated with these vaccines and tests is in ADDITION to the $30 adoption fee and at your discretion.
  • If yes, we will call you and decide on what vaccines/tests you are wanting.