Jody Norris


Dr. Jody Norris is an undergraduate class of 2000 and DVM graduate class of 2015 from Texas A&M University. She is originally from Eaton, Colorado but says “I wasn’t born in Texas but got here as fast as I could.” We have had the pleasure of having Dr. Norris on staff for 3 years, and while she loves all her patients, horses have always held a special place in her heart. She personally has 2 dogs, barn cats, and horses. If you ask her how many she’ll respond “TNTC” which means ‘too numerous to count.’ This also means when you ask her what she enjoys in her free time, she’ll usually look at you blankly and say “I don’t understand the question.” We love our Dr. Norris and are thankful to have her as a part of the family.

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